About Us

Universalflex Group began as an entrepreneurial idea of the current owners and administrators, on which has been built a solid and established company that supplies nationwide. To meet the demands of an increasingly specialized global market, we make use of an agile organizational structure, a flexible production unit, a well-stocked warehouse, and well-trained staff.

These are the resources that have allowed us to strengthen commercial relationships and enter new market segments with excellent products.


Crimped Hoses

We produce seamed tubes suitable for the passage of food fluids such as milk and derivatives, water, wine, beer, alcohol, cider etc.

We work in partnership with Trelleborg, a multinational market leader. We supply rubber tubes built without the use of phthalates, guaranteeing absolute purity for the transfer of all food and pharmaceutical fluids.

Aseptic Dosing Valve

Made entirely of stainless steel with a membrane shutter constructed in one single piece, made of various materials suitable for contact with products, beverages, and sanitizers as well as in all liquid, dense, and creamy filling processes used in the Food & Beverage and Pharmaceutical Industries.

Gaskets are provided according to specific customer requests.

We design and manufacture sealing systems for all industrial sectors, offering a consultancy service capable of proposing profiles, designs, and materials suitable for specific applications.

Furthermore, we are able to carry out specific laboratory tests on all materials as well as durability tests on seals.

Patented Gaskets

The continuous in-depth study of our research laboratories has led to the creation of new profiles including the patented "Safe" aseptic seal which, due to its particular design and choice of materials, eliminates the formation of deposits therefore eliminating bacterial growth inside the seal itself and in the component body.

CS Cleaning Seals and Special Stainless-Steel CS Cleaning Seals are the latest generation whose purpose is to guarantee a high level of cleanliness, combined with easy piston construction and rapid maintenance.

Hydraulic Components

We provide consultancy and build hydraulic systems and power packs to satisfy the most demanding customer requests.

Thanks to over 20 years of experience, we offer various product solutions: Pumps, valves, solenoid valves, distributors, filters, exchangers.

Speed and professionalism of our technicians have always been a winning recipe alongside our after-sales service. We create customized and branded products on specific customer requests. Sectors include: industrial, mobile, agricultural, naval, chemical, and food.

Products for the Transport of Food Fluids

The experience gained over the years allows us to make our knowledge available to customers for identifying the best possible solutions for the transportation of all food and pharmaceutical fluids. We collaborate with the best manufacturers of stainless-steel fittings and components: INOXPA, TRELLEBORG FITTING, NEUMO, CAST, OLAB, AWH, RM, SOCLA.

The Best Products for Industrial Automation

Our partnership with Camozzi allows us to put the best pneumatic components and systems for industrial automation on the market at the service of our customers: actuators, valves, FRLs, fittings, vacuum components, panels and systems, and special products.

Hydraulic Connections

The hydraulic division makes it possible to manufacture and supply assembled pipes, adapters and all the accessories necessary for the OEM market. Close collaboration with Manuli integrates components of the highest level and quality together with the guarantee of service customized to client needs.