Electro-Heated Tubes


Universalflex Group manufactures electrically heated pipes with consistant temperature maintenance for the transport of liquids and gases.

Operating temperature range from 30 to 250°C, special versions up to 350°C. The wide range of fittings and the extensive series of electrical connectors meet any technical and production requirement.

Main Applications

  • Transport of semi-finished food products: such as jams, chocolate, sugar molasses, and honey.
  • Handling of Adhesives / Animal Fats (temperature range 40-50°C).
  • Temperature regulation of products that can't be exposed to low temperatures, such as copolymer emulsions, sugar solutions, pharmaceutical blends, and cosmetic blends.
  • Machines and equipment for the distribution of isocyanate / polyol.
  • Application of Hot-Melt Adhesives.
  • Application areas: packaging, publishing, woodworking, mattress production.
  • Smoke sampling and analysis in thermoelectric power plants and refineries.
  • Application of polyurethane foams for packaging.
  • Application of paints, application of various types of insulating materials (eg. protection of swimming pools, floors) applications of anti-abrasion materials in shipyards.
  • Industrial glass processing, areas where tubes with medium / high operating pressures are required.
  • Distribution of hot melt adhesives for assembly of automotive components, household appliance components, electrical components, etc.
  • Application of polyurethanes, polyesters, bi-component glues, high viscosity adhesives (over 50,000 cps).
  • Transport of corrosive chemicals, transfer of gases and vapors, plastic molding.
  • Very high temperature applications ( <250 ° C) in particular transport of bitumen, road work machinery.

How is the tube manufactured?

The electrically heated tube is composed of:

  • Product passage tube (according to production requirements).
  • Cover with electric external heating sheath.

The temperature is controlled and kept constant by means of a probe (PT100) inserted in the innermost part of the tube which detects and manages values via external monitoring instruments.

The end fittings are applied by means of a cold formation process (pressing) which guarantees a perfect seal.
The end caps and the protective braid guarantee great mechanical resistance, essential for handling of the tube.

The manufacturing of electrically heated tubes is in accordance to strict internal and external monitoring.
The production is fully tested.