Metal Detectable Materials and Gaskets


To meet an increasingly frequent demand for metal detectable items in food, chemical and pharmaceutical production plants, Universalflex Group has a wide range of "metal-detectable" and "X-Rayable" products.

The need to use gaskets, valves, and design details in metal-detectable materials is the result of the continuous evolution in production processes aimed at guaranteeing the end customer a safe and non-contaminated product. In fact, more and more manufacturing companies add metal detectors at the end of the production process in order to avoid any metal contamination in products before their packaging and shipment.

This measure becomes indispensable in agri-food production such as milk/dairy, canning and food production in general. The possibility of tracing any metals is increasingly applicable in the chemical / pharmaceutical sectors, especially in healthcare and personal care industries.

Universalflex Group has always distinguished itself as a pioneer in guaranteeing aseptic products and certified materials. Since their debut, the company has carefully followed the evolution of metal-detectable materials, immediately introducing them into the product range.

To date, we have various metal-detectable materials in production:

  • turnable gaskets
  • flat sheet gaskets
  • standard gaskets for flanges and fittings (DIN - CLAMP etc.)

List of materials for lathe machining:

  • Polyurethane 95 ° sh A Blue MDX
  • EPDM 85 ° sh A Blue MDX
  • PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) Blue MDX
  • FPM 80 ° sh A Blue MDX

List of materials for processing by sheet:

  • Silicone 70 ° sh A Blue MDX
  • Polyurethane 90 ° sh A Blue MDX
  • PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) Blue MDX
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* other materials on request.