Customized Gaskets and Certified Materials for Food Contact


UNIVERSALFLEX GROUP designs and manufactures customized gaskets for multiple applications and sectors according to specific customer requests and especially for the food & beverage industry.

The company began its activity of making customized gaskets in the early 2000s, developing a considerable know-how over time for applications in various industrial sectors of the market.

Subsequently, a wide range of seal profiles have been developed by applying innovation and improvement of the production process in filling and bottling machines through the use of materials suitable for contact with food and drinks.

The company is in constant collaborates with producers and in the local Food Valley, which became important players internationally always in search for cutting-edge solutions and deep implementation in the food industry.

In 2005, within a few months of the implementing the regulation CE 1935/2004 , the research and development department of UNIVERSALFLEX encharged CERISIE (certification and research laboratory) to carry out tests on the elastomers used for the production of sleeve gaskets; paving the way for the food division and the gaskets production department in the Food & Beverage industry.

In compliance with the strictest food regulations, MOCA certification was obtained and has been applied to multiple product tests for global application on a very wide range of materials: PTFE (also filled with PEEK, EKONOL, RULON-J, etc.), MVQ, EPDM, H- PU (red, transparent, and blue), etc.

Fulfillment of the provisions of EC Regulation 1935/2004, 10/2011 and 2023/2006 , as well as for previously acquired compliance with the FDA Food & Drugs Administration standard, establishing the ability of manufacturing seals and gaskets with materials suitable for food contact or materials and objects in contact with food MOCA.